Friday, 25 April 2014

"How come I am a Hindu?" said Rajiv Gandhi.

During his visit to Kashmir in late eighties, the Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi was adamant to drive his Safari himself across the tunnel, when both the air and the road traffic were closed due to heavy snowfall. For others it was violation of law, but Mr. Clean was above the law of the land. The Safari was however, almost hand lifted by a Brigadier, the I/C Commanding Officer at Udhampur to the north portal of the tunnel 
Kashmir Valley was covered white. The road traffic had come to stand still. I along with my children walked the distance from Magarmal Bagh to Zainakot, HMT crossing. En route, we, besides a crowd of people had to stand on the roadside at kamarwari Chattabal, until the cavalcade of the two non serious Heads, who were the curse on the people, thrust by their self centered parents on the innocent Indians including the Kashmiris. We Kashmiri people were doubly cursed. Both our Prime Minister and the Chief Minister had inherited their respective thrones courtesy manipulation of democracy. The senior Clean was at the steering wheel while the local Clean was next to him waving hand to the public standing under compulsion due to the traffic hazard. A little ahead the caravan had a temporary stopover at Maulvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari’s residence at Kamarwari crossing over a tea party.
Doordarshan Kashmir Evening News Bulletin had given full coverage to the PM’s valley joy tour. Special event of the news made me to believe that faces are deceptive. Though Clean, yet filthy within. Farooq in his dramatic style held Rajiv’s hand tight in his hand and lifted hand to exhibit commitment:” Aaj eak Musalman eak Hindu key saath muhadha kerta hai (Today a Musalman and a Hindu do commit to each other.” Naming Rajiv as Hindu was nothing short of an electric current to Rajiv. He in a jolt withdrew his hand and said: “Maie kehan Hindu houn (How come I am a Hindu?)” Farooq said: “Thodee dhair key leiay maan lo na. (Let it be for a while)”.
The next day or the same day, the two were, stopped by Farooq Ahangar, a National Conference worker at Kanikadal crossing leading to Tankipora, near Hari halwi’s shop. Rajiv followed Farooq and, both one by one shook hand with with Farooq Ahangar.
Hari Halwaie’s immediate prophecy was that bad days for India are bound to come.
The same year Lala Tirth Ram Amila, Raj Sabha Member (Congress) forewarned the Raj Sabha about the infiltration of militants. Rajiv gagged Lala Ji and said: “Lala Ji you are not here to spread rumours”.
Rajiv Gandhi deliberately closed eyes to the brewing up of militancy in the valley. Reason, is a mystery. Our exodus seemed to be in accordance with the agreed plot planted by Farooq & Rajiv. "Dalghi aez turfie surkar". JKLF the B team of National Conference seemed was briefed. They were assured no resistance by the State and the Central Government.The stage was set, but the drama took a u-turn. Guard at the Center changed. V P Singh replaced Rajiv Gandhi. The plot misfired. Mufti Syed the then Home Minister of India was unaware of the plot. Farooq Abdullah was advised by Rajiv Gandhi to escape his arrest lest the beans were spilled. Farooq Abdullah flew to London. The JKLF lost protection. They as per the plot seemed to had been assured that exodus of Kashmiri Pundit was one of the links in the chain. May be for this assurance from the Centre, they spread the Jagmohan canard. People were assured secession from India to such an extent that Rehman of Alichibagh called Gulla across the road:"Gulia aelan ma koruekh" (Gulia whether secession from India has been announced."
· My Muslim friends suspect 1990 episode was game plan of some authorities at the highest position.
'Bríjû Dàs chhú vanàn låsív tû båsív'.
  Be blessed along with all others around you with a virtuous, healthy and prosperous life free from any vices.


  1. was the entire KP Exodus pre-calculated ? or a small version was "okayed" for political reasons but the small monster turned out to be a Frankestien ?

  2. Rajiv Gandhi drove his Safari ? Did the Safari exist in 1984 -89 ??

    1. Whatever Das Ji has written is absolutely correct. I remember Ghoshtaba's and other dishes were also served. Rajiv drove the jeep himself. It is immaterial whether the Jeep was Safari or some other Suzuki Jeep.